Vacuum Packaging Machine for Tray

Vacuum Packaging Machine for Tray

Tray vacuum sealing machine

Model Name : Tray vacuum sealing machine

Chamber size : 550 Width x 500 Height x 200 Depth

Tray Sizes : As per customerís requirement

Sealing film trimming : Automatic

Construction : All SS 304 & Aluminium

Electrical consumption : Maximum 5.50 KW three phase

Packing cycle : 2 to 3 Cycles / minute

Pneumatics : All SMC Japan
This is two in one machine which can be converted into Horizontal or vertical in just 5 minutes. The machine is provided with free spare parts like Motor Driver PCB, Teflon belts 5 pairs, Rubber Pulley, Date and batch code embossing set, Drive belt one pair, Screw driver & two spanners.