Vertical Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Vertical Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

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Vacuum Packaging Machine Double Chamber

Model Name : Vertical Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Vacuum chamber size : Width 820mm X Depth/Length 150mm X Height 620mm.

Overall Size : 1860mm x 1110mm x 1700mm including castor wheels.

Construction : Complete SS 304.

Gross weight : 700kg, Net weight with pump approx.: 455kg.

Power : Maximum 3500watts

Construction :Complete SS 304.

Lid : SS 304 with1ss dome is there and no glass window is provided.

Vacuum Pump (Busch - Made in Germany) :1050 LPM/ 63 cum/ hr, single stage for faster vacuum. Oil re-circulating hence requires less oil, low noise (< 75 db), no emission of oil mist.

Vacuum monitoring & control : German dial gauge, & vacuum sensor optional

Sealing bar size : Four sealing bar 800mm each.

Packing cycle : Vacuum 30 +sealing 3 + Cooling 5. Total: 38 Seconds

Gas purging facility : By default

We make customize machines as per customers requirement, quantity no bar.